Droplet Evaporation


In this research, the behavior of various metallic and non-metallic surfaces in evaporation of water drops have been investigated. It is assumed that the drop evaporation is solely due to the diffusion of the water vapor from the surface of the drop to the environment and the influence of other phenomena is neglected. It is observed that for a metallic surface, the evaporation generally takes place at a constant contact area. In contrast, for a non-metallic surface, the drop expresses a sliding behavior in specific time intervals. Figures below show the evaporation processes of water drops on aluminum and plexiglass surfaces until complete evaporartion. 


a1 b1
0 min 0 min
a2 b2
4 min 6 min
a3 b3
8 min 12 min
a4 b4
12 min 18 min
a5 b5
16 min 24 min
a6 b6
20 min 30 min
a7 b7
24 min 36 min

(a) (b)

Evaporation of water drops on (a) plexiglass and (b) aluminum surfaces


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